CGIT web viewer for Git - Using Docker/Alpine/Lighttpd

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When cloning and trying out public Git repos, I tend to keep them all under one root folder (git_public). While navigating and viewing files is a bit cumbersome, it is even more so if we want to view contents from different branches etc.

I had earlier suggested and implemented cgit in one of my work stints (more than 5+ years back). Since it is a light-weight solution, I decided to try it again on my laptop.

The code and the Docker image for this blog post illustrates a couple of things of technnical interest.

  1. How to create a lightweight image using Alpine as the base image
  2. How to make docker images useful with minimal tinkering - by remapping ports. data-volumes and config files

The entire repo is located on The ready-to-use docker image is at Docker Hub

The usage instructions for the ‘sudhan/lighttpd-cgit’ image are available on the README. Try it out and let me know.

Cgit repo is hosted on itself at It will give you a fair idea of what to expect. Cgit website

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