Chennai / Secunderabad, India

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Senior executive with over 20 years of demonstrated experience in envisioning, planning and implementing cutting edge technology solutions. Developing strategic plans for client services, product support & quality assurance.

Adept at crisis management, troubleshooting and problem solving. Ability to build a work environment based on meritocracy and a strong value system. I have a strong track record of identifying, hiring and grooming strong middle level management team. I played a key role in multi-million dollar software products design and development, including 14 years in senior management. Complete understanding of technology trends in distributed computing and scalable architectures.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning ** **Change Management Process Improvement Agile Product Development Team Building & Leadership Bottom-line focus ——————————- ——————————– ————————-

Current Role

  • Vice President in a banking captive, leading the Credit Line of Business

  • Leading a total team of 150+ members managed through a team of AVPs, project managers etc.

  • Responsible for All aspects of software development – Business Analysis, Development and QA (Support was indirectly aligned)

  • Leading transformational efforts towards Agile and Predictable Delivery

  • Focus on growing talent in the organization through Leadership programs, Mentor-on-Demand, Round-tables etc.


Vice President – Credit (within Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities – FICC)

BA Continuum India (A non-banking Bank of America subsidiary)

Chennai, India

June 2011 – Present

I am part of the Global Markets & Technology Division, responsible for the Front-Office tools used by Credit derivative traders who trade in both flow and structured credit. Traditionally, the products were heavily customized and OTC. Over the past few years, regulations are gearing towards clearing of trades and market pressures are reducing the volume and margin of such trades. Focus is now on electronic trading and better client and market intelligence.

My team is involved in Trade Capture, eTrading/Trade Services, Market Data, Risk and PnL and cover development, QA and support. Most recently, the focus has been on meeting regulatory requirements like SEF clearing, Semi-annual rolls, Dodd-Frank/Volcker metrics, internal models and Comprehensive Risk Measures.

**Role: **

  • Hands-on guidance in technology design (architecture) and implementation

  • BofA is developing an enterprise Risk Platform called Quartz. This

    includes a proprietary distributed database system, messaging/notification, analytics, reporting, managed cluster applications etc. The equivalent of these would be an architecture based on frameworks like Hadoop/ Cassandra/ ZeroMQ/ AWS/ EC2/ S3 etc.

  • One of the few leaders who are equally at ease with both strategic

    and tactical. I have personally created prototypes, presentation and training sessions for my team and others.

  • Growing & Mentoring the team

  • Providing leadership & direction to a team of 150+ members

    comprising of software developers, QA and support teams.

  • The team size has double in roughly 15 months. India teams now

    account for 30% of global team.

  • Sensed the need for technical leadership training – established the

    Technology Leadership Development Program (TLDP) and igniTe (Technical Thought Leadership)

  • **Establishing a strong work culture and engagement model **

  • Ensures that the India team contributes up-the-value-chain and not

    just a cost-play. Approach partly involves migrating to an Agile development model and better engagement through a common book of work.

Director of Product Development

RiskSpan India Pvt. Ltd.

Chennai, India

May 2006 – May 2011 (5 years)

RiskSpan is a software product company developing Valuation and Risk Management tools for the Fixed Income market targeting Hedge funds based in the US East coast. It is the only company to provide on-demand risk analytics over the web.

RiskSpan’s ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) offering is possible due to the unique architecture. The entire application development and most of the support is out of the Chennai based development center.

**Role: **

  • Establishing a mature corporate culture, defining and implementing processes for product development and support from India.

  • All the core development work is done out of the Indian office. The

    challenges of a ‘tight release cycles’ requires us to follow processes that easy to adhere to and reliable enough not to require manual interventions.

  • Example processes include: Continuous builds, Release, Automated

    testing, Issue Tracking, Conventions to enhance traceability etc.

  • Building an able middle level management team : Establishing a knowledge management / dissemination framework which is key for smaller companies.

  • Reorganized product development around smaller teams, with better

    knowledge sharing tools

  • Implemented a transparent performance appraisal mechanism

  • I have mentored key folks candidate evaluation along Technology,

    Domain and Aptitude/Attitude.

  • Influence Technical direction : Migration from TAO/ACE based clusters to Terracotta based custom grid.

  • TAO (a CORBA ORB) and ACE (a networking framework) were the legacy

    clustering mechanism.

  • We subsequently moved over to Terracotta framework hosted on Amazon

    (AWS-EC2/EBS etc.). Combined with a heuristic scheduling, load-balancing program, the new solution allows for better monitoring & enhanced features. Instrumental in implementing in .Net migration from Visual Basic.

  • We provide multiple user interfaces, including Perl modules, Java

    CLI tools, Excel add-ins and the .Net client.

  • Steering Product Vision : In addition to providing technology direction to around 40 people in the Chennai office, I bring my experience in product development + domain to steer product vision.

  • Technology direction includes guidance in architecture, choice of

    tools/processes etc. This requires a lot of mentoring as well.

  • Product direction includes what is possible, where the market is

    headed and if we need to align etc.

Head of Indian Operations / CEO

Nisus Technologies Pvt. Ltd./Flink Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Secunderabad, India

January 2001 - May 2006

Building and mentoring a development team of 30 people out of Secunderabad, India. Overseeing the development of the Adhere product suite consisting of server and client utilities for compliance managment (pre-trade/ post-trade and batch) in financial industry. At the core of the product was a rules-engine. This product was developed under my guidance at Nisus Inc (see next entry). The intellectual property was subsequently sold to FreightDesk.


  • Leading and mentoring a development team of 30 people out of Secunderabad, India.

  • Overseeing the development Adhere product suite consisting of server and client utilities for compliance management (pre-trade/ post-trade and batch) in financial industry.

In addition, we developed a Contract Management System for Pepsico NA. Pepsico NA writes contracts each vendor / distributor to subsidize the product, vending machines and any dealer improvement programs. This project involved to migrating existing paper contracts to electronic format. A scanned copy of the scanned contract/legal documents are tracked along with pertinent data on how the contract is being enforced across it’s lifecycle. This includes a contract approval workflow with finance limits etc. The documents as well as the related data are stored in Oracle 10G and the application is a Java webapplication using Tapestry, Spring, Hibernate frameworks. This is one of the very early adopters of AJAX for validation of user input etc.

We developed a business rules generation module for Freight Desk (Logistics) as part of their offering to support Dept. of Homeland Security rules. For e.g. details about cargo meant to reach the US should be intimated before they arrive on US shores. A ship that docks in US ports has lot of documentation based on which ports it might have visited, the cargo carried etc. The rule generation module can generate domain specific rules that can be executed in Jess (Java Expert System) through an intermediate representation in RuleML (See www.ruleml.org)

Software Architect

Nisus, Inc.

Westboro, MA, USA

October 2000 - November 2001

Nisus, Inc. was a product development company. It’s flagship offering was Adhere, real-time pre/post-trade and batch compliance management tools. I was instrumental in the architecture and design of the suite of applications. A rules engine based on the Rete algorithm forms the core of the product.

The suite of tools include a domain specific rule editor. It allows a domain user to easily define rules based on mutual prospectus’ and any corporate risk management, governance rules into the system. These rules can be temporal or reactive (based on some change to data in the system). An example of a rule might be a restriction on the portfolio concentration of the fund to technology stocks. The rules themselves were represented in RuleML, which was pioneered by an employee of Nisus.

In addition it consisted of a custom rules server, Webapplications for managing the server, Trade blotter, Trade entry, what-if analysis, reports etc. Due to it’s use of a Rete rules engine, it could process around 1000 rules per second. Some of the rules involved dynamically computing complex information; for e.g. in case of deeply nested Fund of Funds.

Technologies used include: Java for the server and client. The application was DB agnostic and officially supported MSSqlServer, Oracle and Sybase using a derivative of the Castor persistence framework. The unique aspect of this product was it’s ability to infer on changes to data records in the database. Additionally C++ was used to provide an interface for external order managment systems.

Technical Specialist / Architect

Sapient Corp.

Chicago, IL/ NY, NY USA
August 1998 - September 2000

Was part of different teams in different roles during this tenure, helping clients like Janus Funds, Morningstar, Classified Ventures, United Airlines and Reynolds & Reynolds

I was the Architect of the United Airlines (www.ual.com) redesign project. This involves implementation of Vignette content management system, taking into consideration fail-over/load distribution etc. across coasts. This project was the first one to use the combined teams of Studio Archetype and Sapient teams in NY/CHI. It was prominently featured and won awards for usability. The team consisted of around 40 people during the implementation and design phase.

On Reynolds and Reynolds (www.reyrey.com) based out of Dayton, OH, I was part of the Trilogy compensation implementation team at Sapient, Chicago.

We developed the online portal for Advisor segment for Morningstar, called the Morningstar Advisor (advisor.morningstar.com). I was the Technical Specialist on this project. Prior to the launch of this website, Morningstar routinely used to ship compact discs with data to help advisers service their customers.

Software Analyst

Tata Consultancy Services

Troy, MI, USA / India

September 1995 - July 1998

Was part of different teams during this tenure, helping clients like Delphi Automotive Systems/ EDS, Datar SwitchGears, GE – Transportation Systems

During this period, I was deputed to EDS for implementation of their iMAN (Information Manager) product at Delphi Automotive Systems. iMAN is a PDM (Product Development Management) or recently called PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) product. It enables users to make 3D designs of automotive components and tracks the design all the way to configuration management, quality, testing and production.


J.K.Industries – HASETRI Research Division

Kankroli, India

July 1994 - August 1995

Software development for design of tyres, noise prediction, finite element analysis, vibration analysis etc.

For e.g. given tyre patterns (called sipes), it is possible to use Fast Fourier Transforms to predict the noise that would be generated. Similarly, by modeling the tyres in ANSYS, it is possible to predict the construction quality of the tyres using Finite Element Analysis (FEA).


Bachelors in Engineering (Hons) : Mechanical Engineering

Masters in Science (Hons) : Physics

Birla Institute of Technology and Science – Pilani (India) 1989 - 1994

Global Leadership Development Program Indian School of Business 2013

You can also find my profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/sudhan